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Britax Römer KIDFIX III S 2020

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3.5 years - 12 years | 15 - 36 kg In life not everything always goes according to plan -... more
Product information "Britax Römer KIDFIX III S 2020"

3.5 years - 12 years | 15 - 36 kg

In life not everything always goes according to plan - especially with children. Despite good preparation, you never know when an accident will happen. That's why it's important to have a child seat that you can rely on - like the KIDFIX III S. Equipped with many great safety features, it protects your child from the unpredictable.

Product Highlights:

Always perfectly secured

Based on over 50 years of experience and research, the KIDFIX III S offers the highest level of security. Thanks to the latest safety features, your child is always perfectly protected - from head to hip. So you can concentrate on the essential things.

Protection for neck and chest

Despite good planning and careful driving - you are never prepared for a collision. To protect the sensitive neck area of your child, Britax Römer has developed a shock-absorbing foam cushion - the XP-PAD. It prevents your child's chin from hitting the chest and thus reduces the forces acting on it. This reduces the forward movement of the head and protects the neck. At the same time, the comfortable padding protects against the edges of the seat belt

Improved ergonomics
The fit of the headrest and side protection on the upper body has been further improved. In addition, the seat surface has become longer and thus provides even better support for long children's legs. Your child can now sit even more comfortably with improved protection.

Versatile usability

The Britax Römer Kidfix III S can be used with or without Isofix mounting.
Your child is always secured in the Britax Römer Kidfix III S with the car's three-point belt. This goes through a closed belt guide at the top, from which it cannot slip out. In this way your child's upper body is always well protected.

SecureGuard - super belt routing even for small children
To ensure that the car belt is guided safely along the bones of the iliac crest, an additional belt guide hook, the Secure Guard, can be used. It prevents the car belt from slipping into the abdominal cavity. This prevents the dangerous "jack-knifing effect" and protects the sensitive organs even better!

Made in Germany - the guarantee for quality
The Britax Römer Kidfix III S is produced exclusively near Ulm. There it was also developed and extensively tested. This way the constant high quality is always guaranteed!

Sporty design
The novel cover material and the elaborate processing provide a timeless and sporty design.

Resting position for quiet car rides
Particularly indispensable for small children: a pleasant resting position. Thanks to the stable Isofix structure, the seat can be brought into a resting position when attached to the Isofix points of the car. To do this, the seat is simply pulled forward further and the flexible backrest tilts towards the car seat back by itself.

SICT - individually adjustable side impact protection
Thanks to the SICT side impact cushion technology (SICT=Side Impact Cushion Technology), the seat moves little sideways in a crash, as it almost touches the car door. On the other hand, towards passengers or other child seats, the protection remains retracted, leaving plenty of space. This is very important for families with several children or many passengers, as it keeps the seat easily usable.


Group 2/3: 15-36kg, approx. 4-12 years
headrest with multiple height adjustment and belt guide
XP-Pad: Protection for neck and chest area
SecureGuard: optimal belt guidance in the pelvic area
SICT: individually adjustable side impact protection
improved ergonomics for more space
longer seat
Rest position possible when using Isofix
V-shaped backrest that fits the child well during its developmental stages over the long period of use
Deep side bolsters and a firm headrest protect the child in a side impact
Thanks to the Isofix fastening, the seat is always firmly fixed in the car and does not need to be buckled up when driving empty
Installation indicators turn green when the Isofix connectors are clicked in correctly
Isofix locking arms can be stowed when not in use and during transport
Cover is beautifully upholstered, easily removable and washable and makes a robust impression
In the head area the cover gives a nice cotton feeling.
Naturally approved according to the current standard ECE R 44/04
Weight: approx. 8 kg
Interior dimensions of child seat:

Seat depth: approx. 38cm
Length backrest seat to headrest: approx. 67-85cm
Maximum width: approx. 54cm

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Britax Römer

At Britax Römer they ensure that parents and their children are safe on the road. The company has been fully committed to this goal since it first manufactured safety equipment and accessories for cars in the early 1930s. Since the development of Britax Römer’s first child car seat in 1966, child safety has been the number one priority. For more than 50 years no costs and efforts have been spared to provide even more safety for little ones. Today, Britax Römer develops and manufactures child car seats, pushchairs and bike seats with 90% of the child car seats and bike seats being “Made in Germany” or “Made in Britain”.