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Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size incl. Sensor Safe 2020

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The Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size incl. Sensor Safe at kindermaxx is equipped with the latest... more
Product information "Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size incl. Sensor Safe 2020"

The Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size incl. Sensor Safe at kindermaxx is equipped with the latest technology for child seats, a system where the health of your child is the first priority. The Senorsafe Clip is attached to the belt of the seat and warns by means of a mobile phone app before critical situations occur. For example, if your child unbuckles the belt, if it gets too hot or cold in the car or if your child is in the car seat for too long, your Bluetooth connected mobile phone will sound the alarm. 

Sensorsafe warnings:

  • Seatbelt system security
  • Temperature warning
  • Warning if the child is alone in the car
  • Installation checklist, with resizing reminder
  • Break alarm

Sirona Zi i-Size rear-facing child seat from 45 - 105 cm, max. 18 kg (from birth to approx. 4 years)

Parents who care about maximum safety for their child need products that meet their expectations in every way. With the Sirona Zi i-Size, we have set new standards in front and side impact protection and incorporated them into a child seat that surpasses all its predecessors.

  • 360° rotation function
  • Rear-facing child seat
  • Integrated L.S.P. System
  • Energy Reduction Technology
  • 12-way height adjustable headrest
  • One-handed seat, couch and rotation adjustment
  • Newborn insert
  • 5-point harness system
  • Energy absorbing bowl
  • Belt holder

The Sirona Zi i-Size is a child seat in the CYBEX Z-Line that can be rotated a full 360°. It allows you to easily lift your child in and out of the vehicle in side door orientation and switch between backward and forward positions. The seat has various backrest positions for maximum comfort. Its 12-way adjustable headrest and 5 backrest positions make this seat particularly ergonomic.


Offers a comfortable entry and exit position that is easy on parents' backs. This allows for easy switching between backward and forward position. The integrated driving direction control prevents the use of the forward position before the child has reached the age of 15 months and a height of at least 76 cm.


Reduces the risk of injury in the event of a frontal collision compared with a forward facing seat. Tests show that the forces generated in a frontal collision are distributed evenly over a large area. CYBEX recommends for this product the backward facing transport of children up to a height of 105 cm, approx. 4 years.


Provides increased safety in the event of a side impact. The forces of a side collision are reduced by approx. 25% in combination with the energy absorbing shell.


Provides increased safety in the forward position in the event of a frontal impact. The "ER-Tech" reduces the forces acting on the child's neck in the event of a frontal impact by more than 20% compared with other 5-point belt systems.


Offers simple, individual adaptation to the growing child.


Allows parents to adjust the seat with just one hand. For comfortable sleeping while driving, the Sirona Zi i-Size offers 5 sitting and reclining positions facing backwards and 3 sitting and reclining positions facing forwards.


The neonatal insert allows an ergonomic lying position and now has head and side padding that forms a cuddly nest around the youngest, providing additional support and comfort.


Easy handling and highest safety.


Absorbs the impact forces and encloses the baby protectively.


Comfortable entry and exit position.



Attachment: with Isofix
Direction of travel: Both directions
Securing with: 5 - Point Harness
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Cybex bei kindermaXX steht für einzigartigem Design, unübertroffener Sicherheit und Qualität. Cybex ist nicht nur führend im Kindersicherheitsbereich, sondern wird auch als Lifestyle-und Modemarke gesehen. Cybex bei kindermaXX hat den preisgekrönten Sirona entwickelt. Cybex bietet Kindersitze, Babytragen und Kinderwagen an, die nicht nur sicher sind, sondern perfekt zum weltgewandten Lebensstil passen.

Cybex bei kindermaXX

  • Autokindersitze: Sirona, Solution, Pallas, Juno
  • Babyschalen: Aton, Cloud,
  • Hochstühle: Lemo
  • Kinderwagen: Mios, Priam, Balios, Agis, Iris, Eezy
  • Babytragen: Maira, Bayla Twist
  • Große Auswahl an Zubehör

Cybex die perfekte Kombination von urbanen Lebensstil und unübertroffener Sicherheit.