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Theraline The Original Nursing Pillow micro pearls

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The Theraline nursing pillow is the perfect companion in your pregnancy - and for a long... more
Product information "Theraline The Original Nursing Pillow micro pearls"

The Theraline nursing pillow is the perfect companion in your pregnancy - and for a long time afterwards. With Germany's most popular breastfeeding pillow, you can enjoy a better night's sleep during pregnancy, more relaxed breastfeeding and a relaxing moment during the often exhausting time of your baby.

The cover is removable and washable at 60°C. The nursing cushion is 190 cm long and 38 cm wide and fits perfectly.


  •     Particularly colourfast and cuddly fabric qualities
  •     Fluffy-smooth & extra hard-wearing
  •     Easy to cover due to long, concealed zipper
  •     Convenient and easy to refill thanks to tunnel opening
  •     Odour- & pollutant-free, of course

Hurrah for versatility: Application examples

- During pregnancy

If in the last months of pregnancy the baby's tummy gets bigger and bigger, sleeping and resting is often no longer easy. The Original Theraline pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow gives you perfect support for your arms, legs and above all your round abdomen, thus relieving the strain on your spine. This ensures a much more relaxed sleep during pregnancy. Because the Original Theraline is so light and flexible, you can easily turn it to the other side at night. Not only when sleeping but also when resting in between on the sofa or a soft carpet, the pillow reliably stabilises you in a lateral position. It can also be used as a backrest or headrest when reading, surfing or watching television - or as a positioning pillow for tired legs after a long day of pregnancy. Either way, we are happy when the Original Theraline gives you many moments of relaxation and relief until you give birth. After all, an exciting and sometimes exhausting time begins with the birth of your baby!

- During the breastfeeding period

At the beginning of the breastfeeding relationship, many mothers find it difficult to properly feed their baby and not to cramp when breastfeeding. This often leads to tension in the shoulder and neck area or even to sore nipples. The Original Theraline nursing pillow with its flexible filling of fine sand micro-beads gives the baby a secure hold and provides you with stable back support. Lay the pillow on from the side, front or back to breastfeed in the shape of a horseshoe - just as you like. While your baby's weight rests on the pillow, you can now breastfeed, cuddle and enjoy in complete relaxation. Enjoy effective relief for your arms, shoulders, neck and back. By the way: the Original Theraline nursing pillow is suitable for all conceivable nursing positions - sitting, lying, squatting - and even for the comfortable breastfeeding of twins.

- In between... and when the baby gets bigger

The original Theraline nursing and pregnancy pillow can also be used as a small relaxation island for tired mothers in between: as a head and neck support when reading, as back support when watching video or to raise your legs between two baby washing machines. When the baby slowly turns into a toddler, your darling can discover the pillow for himself. It provides support during the first attempts at sitting, is a cosy baby's nest* or a cuddly soft bed surround**. And after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the Original Theraline continues to accompany you as a comfortable baby, reading, cuddling and sleeping pillow.

 * Every pillow can represent a suffocation risk for infants. Therefore, never leave your baby unattended for long periods with the Original Theraline nursing pillow.

** Important: For safety reasons, it should only be used as a bed surround from the age of two.

The filling makes the difference

The filling is the most important component of the pillow, it determines how well a pillow can be used for a particular purpose, but also breathability, durability, price and much more.

1. EPS-Mircroperle

Our dearest child is the original EPS micro beads (Ø 0.5-1.5 mm), which we would like to recommend to midwives for equipping their practice and course rooms, as well as to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The finest filling 0.5 - 1.5 mm is as cuddly as sand and yet as light as feathers. Ideal for daily use during pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant women in particular love this particularly low-noise filling.

Technical data:


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With kindermaXX only the best for your baby. That is why we have included Theraline brand products in our range.

Theraline is an expert in the field of feeding and positioning cushions. They bring various models onto the market. The Theraline Original nursing pillow is the best-known nursing pillow and has very small, odourless granules that provide an excellent view of the body. For the Theraline Original pillow, various covers are available in plain cotton jersey or with print.

The Theraline Original nursing pillow with the size 190x40cm is a large nursing pillow. Theraline is the number in Germany! Even TÜV-tested.

The filling adapts itself perfectly to the body and offers at the same time good hold. The original micro bead filling is like fine sand, very quiet and adapts well. The filling consists of very small Myco grains of only 0.5-1.5 mm size. The different matching covers can be ordered separately.

The Theraline brand specializes in (nursing) pillows and this is reflected in the quality!

In the kindermaXX online shop you can choose the Theraline nursing pillow that suits you best. kindermaXX has all types of Theraline nursing pillows on offer for you. So you can order a beautiful cover in the same colour. Take a look at what you want to buy for your baby. You can then order from your chair. That's how easy it is with kindermaXX.


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