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Manduca Twist baby carrier Limited Edtion

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With the Twist baby carrier at kindermaXX Manduca has managed to bring a baby carrier onto... more
Product information "Manduca Twist baby carrier Limited Edtion"

With the Twist baby carrier at kindermaXX Manduca has managed to bring a baby carrier onto the market that grows with the baby as well as fits all parents without having to be adjusted. The bag of the baby carrier can be easily folded over and the seat width can easily be adapted to larger or smaller babies. The headrest of the Manduca twist baby sling, on the other hand, always fits, it just has to be opened and holds by itself. So that the stretcher adapts perfectly, the sides can also be moved with a drawstring and the seat height can be adjusted with a simple pull. 

The single-layer shoulder straps also offer the highest level of carrying comfort; they fan out so broadly over the back that the child's weight is evenly distributed over the back of the carrier. In addition, the shoulder straps are twisted in, making it much easier to carry. The Manduca Twist baby sling is sewn from a diagonally elastic cross body, like a woven sling, but with much less fabric. This makes the baby sling ultra-light and offers maximum support. You almost don't want to take off the Manduca Twist baby sling anymore. The baby sling can be carried either in the front or on the back. 

Product details Manduca Twist baby carrier at a glance:

  • The manduca Twist is simply tied to your own body and knotted as it best fits.
  • The innovative drawstring makes it very easy to put on and tie and always ensures the correct tension of the fabric panels.
  • The comfortable waist strap secures the position of the manduca Twist. In short: the intuitive handling is self-explanatory.
  • The manduca Twist offers a super price-performance ratio without compromising comfort and quality. And that's how it stays enough budget over for other purchases around the baby.
  • Of course the stretcher is made of organic cotton. This is a matter of course for us and does not cost you a cent extra.
  • No Velcro, no buttons, no cords - we concentrate on the essentials. Just pure fabric and a buckle. It's that simple.

Technical data Manduca Twist baby carrier:

  • Weight: from 3.5 kg to 15 kg suitable
  • Material: 100 % cotton
  • Cloth length: REGULAR 400 cm or LONG 600 cm
  • Bag height: min. 36 cm/ max. 46 cm
  • Building belt adjustable: 60 cm - 136 cm
  • weight: 0,5 kg

 ALL NEW: from now on the manduca Twist is available in two lengths! 

400 cm cloth length: Thanks to shorter shoulder panels than most mei-tai/half-buckle stretchers, the manduca® Twist Regular is particularly light, compact and easy to put on. The fabric panels are passed over the shoulders, tightened and tied under the baby's bottom. Reduced to the essentials and ideal for the first time with a newborn baby.

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Customer evaluation for "Manduca Twist baby carrier Limited Edtion"
28 Jan 2021

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Manduca stands for sustainability, comfort, ergonomics and style. Manduca ensures that you have your hands free to cope with the often stressful everyday life of your parents. At Manduca you will find everything you need to carry your little one. Manduca at kindermaXX is the market leader for baby carriers and baby slings. An international brand with big plans and versatile ambitions. Manduca prefers pure natural fibres that are specially manufactured and dyed according to Manduca's specifications. A baby turns everything upside down. But you stay relaxed and think: everything is better as long as I have both hands free. With a carrier from Manduca at kindermaXX you stay relaxed.