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Cybex Yema Tie

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The Cybex Yema Tie at kindermaxx allows your child to be as close to you as possible and... more
"Cybex Yema Tie"

The Cybex Yema Tie at kindermaxx allows your child to be as close to you as possible and impresses with its functionality. However, Cybex also focuses on outward appearances with the Yema Tie, because to be honest, this stylish baby sling does not destroy your outfit but makes it a real eye-catcher.

Inspired by the artistic drapery of international fashion designers, YEMA TIE and YEMA CLICK not only set new standards in functionality, but this carrier collection genuinely catches the eye while hidden functions focus attention on the design. In the first few months of an infant’s life, it is important to have as much physical contact as possible. Our baby carriers create the perfect connection between mother and child – encouraging a close bond and a deep sense of security. Lying against the chest, a baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat, which was so familiar in the womb. Skin contact, warmth, and scents leave infants feeling protected and safe. The YEMA TIE and YEMA CLICK: Products that not only promote healthy development but also makes a bold design statement.

Carry your baby

Babies love to be carried. A baby carrier offers the baby close physicalcontact with mum or dad and satisfies the basic need for securityand closeness while promoting self-assuredness and independence.Correct carrying in a baby carrier promotes the optimal postureand supports the healthy physical development of the baby.

Promote the healthy developmentof the back and hip joints!

After nine months in the mom´s womb, babies are born with alightly curved spine. After birth, the spine straightens: a slow andcautious process, which takes over a year. Right after birth, babiestake up the spread-squat position, which promotes the continuedhealthy development of the hip joints. Carrying your baby in acarrier promotes the maturing of the hip joints in a natural way.

Senses / early development

Carrying stimulates all physiological senses,such as perception of the body through balance, gravity, physical boundaries, internal organs, positions of the joints and movement.Also the very important perception of theenvironment through senses, such as senseof hearing, tasting, smelling, touch andseeing, are being developed.

Bonding / Psychology

Last but not least ‒ carrying strengthensthe important parent-child-bonding andcontinuously satisfies the emotional needsof the baby through closeness, warmth and a feeling of security. This leads to babies who cry less and sleep better. At the same time, the baby carrier offers parents more flexibility, mobility and free hands for everyday tasks while being close to their precious baby.

The IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) recommends babywearing for healthy hip development as long as the correct carrying position (spread-squat position) is guaranteed. CYBEX baby carriers allow for healthy carrying positions, they were certified as ‘hip healthy’ by the IHDI.

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Cybex bei kindermaXX steht für einzigartigem Design, unübertroffener Sicherheit und Qualität. Cybex ist nicht nur führend im Kindersicherheitsbereich, sondern wird auch als Lifestyle-und Modemarke gesehen. Cybex bei kindermaXX hat den preisgekrönten Sirona entwickelt. Cybex bietet Kindersitze, Babytragen und Kinderwagen an, die nicht nur sicher sind, sondern perfekt zum weltgewandten Lebensstil passen.

Cybex bei kindermaXX

  • Autokindersitze: Sirona, Solution, Pallas, Juno
  • Babyschalen: Aton, Cloud,
  • Hochstühle: Lemo
  • Kinderwagen: Mios, Priam, Balios, Agis, Iris, Eezy
  • Babytragen: Maira, Bayla Twist
  • Große Auswahl an Zubehör

Cybex die perfekte Kombination von urbanen Lebensstil und unübertroffener Sicherheit.