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And sometimes a bit too wild, when every day the habitats of wild animals disappear and with it the favourite animals of all children. That is why we, Sanne and Jan Willem, want to tell you about a case that is close to our hearts. On our last trip to South Africa in February 2020, we met two wonderful people during a safari: Wendy and John. Both of them left their secure jobs in the finance and advertising industries and founded the Wild Tomorrow Fundin 2015, which is dedicated to saving and conserving African wildlife and ensuring the best possible biodiversity. The biggest problem here is Africa's underfunded wildlife sanctuaries. Without sufficient funding and supplies, these reserves struggle to protect their animals from a variety of threats such as poachers, snares, broken fences and water shortages. This situation endangers wildlife such as lions, rhinos, elephants, wild dogs and countless other species. They know some of the animals in their reserves by name, which we find very sympathetic, and encounter them constantly on their safaris. May we introduce you to some of their protected animals: 


Baby giraffe "Ukuwela" - Wendy & John - Elephant "Phinda"


The funds raised by Wendy and John are used for much needed supplies and equipment in over 14 different reserves in South Africa and Mozambique. What we also love about their work is that they do scientific research in the field and work with ecologists who work in areas of high biodiversity and threatened vegetation. They use the results of their work to guide conservation management and assist with restoration programmes. In addition to wildlife conservation and research, they do not forget the local residents and communities. They have already renovated a school and started a great initiative. They have set up a women-only group called "The Green Mambas" to train them in sustainable environmental work. 



Release of rescued zebras 



Baby lions playing in the reserve 


Shop to support! 

We think Wendy and John are doing a great job and want to support them financially. We can easily do that with united lion power. You shop and we donate! For every purchase over € 500, - we donate € 1, - to WTF. Also when you buy our new Kindermaxx bags, € 2, - goes to the African wildlife. At the end of each purchase it says how you can help. What we do not want in any case is that our children only know the animal world of Africa from children's books. ROOOOAAAAR! 



Sanne & Jan Willem Bosch in South Africa 





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